Giving a new perspective to the world of spectacles
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When we say we worked with Cubitts from the very start, we mean our first conversation with founder, Tom Broughton, began with his words “I’ve got this idea…”.

A self-confessed spectacle addict, Tom wanted to create something very special with Cubitts; a stylish, artisan led approach to buying spectacles without the complexities or price tag.

We were brought on board to create an identity capable of seamlessly transcending web to workshop, product to promotion.

Over the years, as the success of Cubitts has grown, so has their number of stores that can be found carefully dotted around the Capital. Each store has its own unique identity, though the logotype remains the consistent mark on all instances.

Focused on heritage

Anchoring Cubitts in London, in particular King’s Cross, became a key part of the identity process. We spent time with Cubitts, walking the streets and observing their architectural influences, that would later become such an integral part of the identity. Inspired by the wrought-iron butterfly rivets found outside Lewis Cubitt’s Granary, we created an identity rich in heritage with strong geographical and architectural ties.

Bespoke typography

To create the original Cubitts text we developed a bespoke typeface with the rivets once again at the heart of the inspiration, forming very angular and obvious serifs. The typeface was based upon an existing typeface, widely used for street signage around London – giving a clear nod to the geography of the brand. The result was something deliberately industrial. Tall, condensed letterforms and generous letter-spacing gave a sense of refinement.