Services & Process

We're a brand and digital studio, solving complex challenges with thoughtful, engaging and beautifully crafted design solutions, to deliver work with substance. Work that isn’t just beautiful, but has meaning and adds value. Something pretty. Something clever.

Workshop with Cancha at Texolab HQ

Nobody knows you, like you...

We invest time in getting to know you, understanding your challenges and identifying where we can add value and make a difference. We work closely and collaboratively as an extension of your team. We know our clients well – really well – and we’ll invest time in getting to know you, your brand, your successes and the challenges you face. Big and small, we’re there for you. We are your friends with design benefits.

No agenda

We have a process we work to, but every project is treated as new. Different. No agendas. No preconceptions. We’ve built a small team of highly skilled creative thinkers who love solving complex challenges with thoughtful, engaging and beautiful design solutions. We’re not here to sell you the solution we offer, we’re here to work with you to find the best solution for your needs. This gives great value and maximum creative freedom for our clients.

What we create


Brand strategy | Visual identity | Brand touchpoint audit | Naming | Tone of voice


Campaigns | Printed communication | Digital communication | Packaging | Experiential | Art direction | Photography | Animation | Video | Illustration


UX | UI | Website design | App design

Our process

1. Identify the challenge

Everyone turns up with a challenge, or a ‘problem’ they wish to solve. Where does that challenge come from? We will work with you to define and distil that challenge into its most basic form.

This is where our immersion phase starts. It’s where we really get to know you – we become your customers, and we take the necessary steps to understand what it’s like to be you.

2. Define the opportunity

Where’s the value in solving that challenge? What makes it valuable? We’ll help you frame the opportunity so every stakeholder understands where value will be added through the project.

3. Build a strategy

We will work with you to build a strategy to find the best way to solve your challenge. What does that look like? What’s the big idea and what tools do you need to deliver it?

4. Iterate/Create

This is where we research, think and generate ideas that bring the strategy to life. We’ll deliver thoughtful, engaging and beautifully crafted design solutions that bring your brand to life.

5. Delivery/Activation

The ideas will need application. They’ll need bringing to life across one or more of your brand touchpoints, be it a brand new application or updating an existing touchpoint. The devil is in the detail.

6. Analysis

Let’s talk... What worked? What didn’t? Quite often solving one challenge can throw up others. What are they? How can we help you solve them?

Our values

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