Adding a splash of life to the future of nutrition
Visual Identity  Branding  

Mixfit understands that vitamins and nutrients are complicated. So is knowing what your body needs. So, they developed a personalised nutrition system. Mixfit Intelligent Nutrition Assistant (MINA) customises real-time supplement delivery based on your profile, your diet, and activity level. The Mixfit countertop system delivers what you need in a delicious drink. Simple.

Mixfit came to us with a logo but wanted a whole new identity from scratch that encompassed all the assets they would need for an attention grabbing identity, that could transcend everything from packaging to digital. We identified a number of visual cues we wanted to satisfy within the brief. We needed to make it obvious that this was, at its core, a personalised drink system.

Consistently inconsistent

At the heart of the identity became the Mixfit 'M'. A dynamic element that, like the very concept it had come to represent, could change into an almost infinite number of iterations. Good branding relies a lot on consistency – so how do you create consistency when your focus is turned to creating something that you want to regularly change and evolve?

As part of this development phase, the studio spent time investigating what it was that made an 'M' an 'M'. From there we were able to define a set of rules that allowed the creation of a massive array of aesthetically different logos but still feeling like the same body of work.

Having settled on a typeface to use for the main MIXFIT text, we were able to create a further set of rules for consistent placement between the 'M' badge and the text. The text itself was chosen to be reflective of the movement and curvature of the M badge, with a little further customisation to round off the letters.