Adding a splash of goodness to the future of nutrition
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Mixfit developed an algorithm that considers hundreds of variables that makes your day what it is. Everything, from the food you eat to the local air quality, affects what your body needs. This algorithm turns information about you, your daily food intake and data from wearable tech to create a delicious drink that combines just the right amount of 24 essential nutrients your body needs in a given moment. Getting this balance right is the first step to feeling great. That’s a complicated message that needed distilling into a more digestible format.


Although extremely clever and complicated in terms of science and technology, Mixfit at its core was solving a simple problem - every body is different and no two days are the same, so why pump your body with the usual vitamin pills that are a one size fits all approach. We focused on one key word… different. The focus was to celebrate our uniqueness as individuals and communicate Mixfit’s ability to be able to cater to your differences.

An intelligent, personalised symbol

What makes an M an M? The logo was built on the results of a typographic exploration into how fluid we could make the letter M whilst retaining its ability to be recognised as the letter, a nod to both the brand’s position as a drink supplier and the bespoke nature of their product.