A digital world for green investment

Greensphere Capital are leading sustainability investor, backing companies and projects that help to mitigate the biggest risks facing our generation – resource scarcity, commodity and fuel volatility, and climate stress. We were asked to create a simple online presence that showcased their offering in a manner in keeping with traditional investment companies, in an attempt to bypass some of the barriers facing sustainable investment at the time.


“Mobilising capital for green investments has been limited due to several microeconomic challenges such as problems in internalising environmental externalities, information asymmetry, inadequate analytical capacity and lack of clarity in the definition of ‘green’.” (German Development Institute)

The ‘green space’ often conjures a very unfavourable image, particularly within the corporate world, littered with ideologies and politics that cannot deliver return on investment. We needed to deliberately set a more corporate tone to put some of these misconceptions to rest and to highlight genuine opportunity to invest in a sustainable manner.

Visual developmemt:

With little more than a plain white logo we expanded the meaning of Greensphere to develop a colour palette capable of supporting the company name, and used photography by NASA, a trusted forward thinking organisation, to communicate the concept of ‘the bigger picture’ – stepping back and taking a look at ourselves in order to assess what is important and the where investment should now be focused.

Having gone through an extensive UX and wireframing process, we developed
a simple core set of visual assets focusing on colour, imagery and typography. The latter was important in setting the tone of large blocks of text, with condensed headings and a modern serif typeface for large paragraphs giving
a trusted, editorial feel.