Mixing up the free from baking market
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A family member with a severe case of Coeliac disease. A very good amateur baker. Mix them up and you end up with a set of recipes developed over a number of years that deliver great results and take the hassle out of gluten free baking. So much so that a very solid white label business had already been built up, supplying direct to restaurant industry. So when they were asked by one restaurant owner why they didn’t sell small batch direct to household consumers, it posed a question they had no good answer for. Their trading name didn’t quite cut it and they needed a creative partner to assist with strategy, identity and packaging.


What are the drawbacks with gluten free baking? Easy enough to find the answer with a network of gluten intolerant diners at our disposal. Two clear opinions emerged - it’s a bit of a faff and the results are inconsistent, at best. We knew they had consistent results perfected, having supplied large batch to restaurants for a while, so our focus turned to ‘the faff’, or ‘faff free’ baking. After some deeper analysis, it became clear that ‘the faff’ was a barrier to fun. People bake because it’s fun and rewarding. We took this idea of fun to an on shelf analysis and found the current trend was heavily skewed to artisan baking. Not a lot of fun on display. Cue the faff-free, fun baking brand.

Visual development using baking references

With the new name a literal translation of the ingredient, a typographic word mark was developed with heavily contrasting weight of strokes, to mimic the scoring of the top of raw bread dough that allows it to grow as it is baked. An acknowledgement to the success of the consistent rises in each recipe, one of the biggest challenges in gluten free baking. Combined with a library of baked goods shapes, ingredients and taste cues completed the look.